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10 Ways Your Teacher Gave You to Prepare for the North Carolina EOC

July 21, 2011

Near the end of every school year we talk to many students about their concerns regarding the upcoming End Of Course or End Of Grade (EOC / EOG) exams here in the Greensboro area. While there certainly are plenty of tutors in Greensboro that would be happy to help make up ground, much of this need can and should be headed off with proper preparation. Speaking on behalf of many teachers, here are a few items you may (or may not) have heard them say about how to prepare for the North Carolina (or any states) EOCs.

1. Keep up with your work all semester. Time management is a critical part of study skills. Each student needs to take ownership of their own learning. Read, read, and read! Even the science and math tests are “reading” tests that require students to understand passages and convert knowledge into an answer.

2. Study every night for 15 minutes minimum. Don’t fall behind.

a. Auditory learners should read (or have read) out loud

b. Visual learners should rewrite or make notes into outline form

c. Kinesthetic learners should make flashcards to put in order, or come up with hand movements that mimic notes

d. All should use mnemonic devices and silly sayings to connect concepts. Example: Angie likes flowers…Angiosperms are flower-bearing plants.

3. Have a test? Review 30+ minutes for the 3 nights before (you were studying 15 minutes every night, right?). Don’t try a multi hour cram session. The exams the teacher gives are great preparation for the EOC as they should be highlighting the main ideas.

4. If possible, retake any exam you get a D or F on. Ask for help on the questions you still don’t understand.

a. Make corrections on all quizzes/tests so you know the correct answer.

5. Use test taking strategies for every quiz/test you take. Practice makes perfect!

a. Finding key words, highlighting, crossing off wrong answers, writing root/vocab in the margin, taking your time, breathing (find a good Study Skills course to learn about these)

6. Do your homework/projects on time…your teacher gives them for a reason.

a. The teacher may not have time to cover in class, but knows it is on the EOC.

7. Take advantage of all teacher tutoring sessions before/after school.

8. Use all free online resources that are available:

a. (free for all Guilford students, teacher set-up)




e. (biology)


9. Start review of the oldest material at 10-12 weeks into the 18 week semester. Ask your teacher for study books or buy them at the bookstore.

10. Take a practice exam about 3 weeks before the EOC. Check the answers so that you can focus on what you don’t know as well and get extra help on those topics.

These pointers will help make sure you nail the North Carolina EOC or EOG. You’ll have noticed that most of them involve staying on top of your work, not falling behind, and asking for help when you need it. Preparation for passing your End of Course Test begins the first week of school and continues throughout the class.

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