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How to Write an A+ Report

January 21, 2011

By ErniWriting an Educational Papere Bilodeau, Regional Director
Club Z! In-Home
Tutoring Services

Have you ever wondered why teachers have their students write so many essays, and reports for class? The answer is simple. Writing, actually “doing it,” is one of the ways we learn. Students digest and assimilate information by thinking about what they’ve been taught, then writing it down in a clear manner. Writing is an active process that’s difficult to do unless the author truly understands the topic. With that said, here’s a step-by-step approach to effective academic report writing in the secondary grades.

  • Thinking About It- What purpose is the report supposed to serve? Does the teacher want a persuasive essay or is this document meant merely to inform? Is this a book report or a research paper? These factors make the difference when it comes to stating or leaving out opinion, figuring out how much information to include, and whether to write formally or informally.
  • Planning and Organization– Now that you’ve established the sort of report to write, it’s time to figure out exactly what to write about. Brainstorm by making a list of possible topics. Is there enough material to support the choice topic with details? If so, then it’s time to start formatting your report by following the Five Paragraph Rule.
  • Sticking to the Five Paragraph Rule. It consists of the first, introductory or opening paragraph. The body will consist of three developing paragraphs, each with its own idea. Lastly, the conclusion or finishing paragraph will restate the opening and end the discussion.
  • Research- As you gather data, be sure to obtain relevant information from reliable sources. Government agencies, educational institutions and medical journals tend to provide legitimate facts.
  • Ready, Set, Write! Putting the words down on paper is usually a cinch once you know what you’re writing about. The rough draft is often, well, rough! Allow room for improvement since this is just the development of ideas without a filter.
  • Review- This is the time to improve on ideas, and adapt the paper to whatever format is dictated by the teacher. A detail may need development, or a source could need to be cited.
  • Look everything Over! After all the hard work, it would be a shame to lose points over misspellings and missed punctuation marks. Run a spell-check, correct grammar and proofread to ensure quality work.

Many students put off writing assignments until the last possible minute. They often underestimate the time it will take to complete the task. While the assignment can be time-consuming, consider it a good way to demonstrate your understanding.  From finding the topic, to developing the idea and putting on those finishing touches, Club Z! In Home Tutoring Services has writing experts on-hand to help students attain that A+!

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