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Finding a Book for Your Child at the Library

December 17, 2010

Every time I encounter a child having trouble reading, I go out of my way to emphasis to the parents that they can have a HUGE impact on their child by simply reading with them and to them. “Get them to read anything they will read. Practice makes perfect!” Alas, kids that aren’t good at reading often don’t enjoy reading, but finding them a good book that they do enjoy can change that dramatically. My old standby on how to find such a book has been, “Take them to the library.” Having had this conversation several times now, I felt compelled to expand on that. We recently asked our favorite librarian, Candice Michalik, of the Lynchburg Public Library to offer her guidance on how to find THAT book for your child…

Finding a Book for Your Child at the Library

Libraries are full of books and other materials for children of all ages.  How do you choose a book that is age appropriate and one that will stimulate your child’s interest?  The first stop should be the children’s librarian.  She or he has both the education and the experience to put the appropriate books into your child’s hands.  In addition, the librarians may have printed lists of books by age and/or subject – books for Harry Potter fans, books for reluctant readers, books with a multicultural theme.  If your library does not have booklists, try some of these pages for suggestions.

Additionally, you may find some valuable information on these websites:

Don’t forget the audio books!  Not all children learn the same way.  Many prefer to listen to the book, while others prefer listening to the book while following along in a printed copy.  Audio books are great for car trips.  The whole family can listen to the same book and then talk about it.  The Bud Werner Memorial Library (CO) has compiled a list of favorite audio books for children and the Association for Library Service to Children has compiled a list of favorite recordings for children

Armed with this information, take a trip with your child to your public library and grab some books.  You’re on your way to raising a reader.


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